Top 4 Vapor Pod Systems for Beginners

The use of the vapour pod systems is widely used today and it has helped people to avoid using the craziness of the large products. They are slowly replacing the electronic cigarettes that have been there for a while now. What you should know is that there are millions of vapers around and their first step was Cig-a-likes that resembled or looked like the cigarettes.

People didn’t like them and that is why most people do not have a sufficient substitute for smoking. This pod vape is what made most people to use other means like the cigarettes and to jump into the world of coils, e-liquids and the use of tanks that fit their lifestyles. It is important to note that the vape pod systems were mainly designed with the aim of replacing the traditional cig-a-likes. These top 4 vapor pos systems for beginners include.

  1. Pad Labs Juul

Pax was one of the vape pod company that opened doors for these new systems to roll out. The Juul was adopted very fast and this was simply because it was elegant, simple and also more capable of performing as many tasks as possible. The new vapers and other big names are among the people who quickly adopted these new systems because they were of high quality. Do you know what this system offers? The pad labs juul do not have e-liquid to refill, no buttons to press and no there the vape is consistent.

  1. Twelve Vapors JuNo

The JuNo is simply the same as the juul because both have a simplistic suck that activates and this gives great experience in vaping. It takes between 18/ 36mg/ml of nicotine and the JuNo is very important here because it gives the opportunity of stepping down. They also have long lasting batteries that ensures downtime is minimized.  Another good thing about it is that it is inexpensive and therefore one can have as many batteries as possible.

  1. Wismec Myjet Express Kit

The wismec my jet express kit is one of the biggest names that we currently have in the vaping industry. They have earned a top place in the food chain because they their collaborations and ground-breaking products. This pod mod is among the best vapers because its 200 watt division is at the top. Therefore if you want to explore the vaping world ensure that you look for the wismec myjet express kit. More deteails in this post:

  1. Eleaf iCare Starter Kit

The Eleaf is not a true or a closed system. This is what makes it to be among our best pod vapes. This is a suck-to-activate device. It is very simple as it does not have complicated buttons or even the settings are not complicated. Another very important thing is that it is easy to use and simple to operate.

In summary, we are living in a world of vaping and therefore it is important for you to ensure that you are very keen when choosing the best pod vape. Ensure you go through all the offerings that you find in the market in order to know which one fits you most.