How to Make E-Juice – Welcome to Your DIY Adventure

Who doesn’t like the idea of creating the best e-juice flavors at home? When you vape, you want to get the very best flavors so that you can enjoy the experience so much more. Despite what you might think, vaping is a lot easier to do and you can choose from a wide variety of flavors and tastes. How can you make e-juice at home? Read on to find a simple DIY method of doing so!

Understand Your Nicotine Strengths and Adding the Nicotine

First and foremost, you will need to use nicotine into your creation but the amount depends on you. Do you really want a huge kick of nicotine or do you prefer to have a more subtle approach? Sometimes, you have to find a subtle way to make the e-juice more appealing and you don’t have to go overboard with the nicotine either. When you have decided, you can carefully add a few drops of nicotine into your bottle. Always wear gloves and be careful over how much you use.

Choosing and Adding Your Flavors

Flavor combinations can be fun and exciting and you can choose whatever you like! So, once you have settled on a flavor you will need to carefully measure out how much you will use and carefully move it into your bottle. Remember, if you are using a lot of different flavor combinations you may end up canceling out one set of flavors for another! Since you’re mixing, you never really know how it’ll work out. However, you can still get the best e-juice flavors depending on how much you add and how careful you are!

Adding Base and Mixing

You need to use VG, this is a base or for the e-juice. Once you have added the VG you can mix it all together. You need to seal your bottle up and shake it very well so that all of the flavors mix together. Remember, you don’t want an overpowering nicotine flavor as it can detract from the other flavors. Mixing well will help to ensure you avoid such a huge kick of nicotine at any one time. This is very important to do and not as difficult as you might think either!

Trying the E-Juices Out

cigarSometimes, your first attempts will go a little wrong and it’s down to how new this all is to you. It can be very difficult to get the right mix of nicotine and flavors and sometimes you have to work harder in order to get a more subtle mix. You can go a little overboard with the flavors and end up with the mix far too strong or, at times, far too weak! That is why you have to try and test in order to get the best e-juice flavors. It’ll the fun part!

Make the Best E-Juices At Home

Spending a lot of money on e-juice flavors might not always appeal to everyone and yet there are lots of simple ways to get new and enticing e-juice flavors. For some, creating DIY e-juice at home can be ideal. You can come up with some new concoctions and really enjoy having a lot of fun with new flavors too. Find the best e-juice and enjoy. check it from